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Robin Givhan, the Washington Post, and Why On Earth Doesn’t Elena Kagan Cross Her Legs?




Well hot damn, Robin Givhan. We know you won a Pulitzer and all, but my jaw straight-up dropped when I read this headline, from Sunday’s Washington Post Style section: “Elena Kagan goes on Supreme Court confirmation offensive in drab D.C. clothes.” Wow! (And is there such a thing as non-drab DC clothes?) But then, there’s the caption, showing Kagan looking perfectly professional, complete with a pair of pearls, next to Sen. Amy Klobuchar: “UNUSUAL: Most women, including Sen. Amy Klobuchar, cross their legs when sitting, but not Kagan.” Double wow.

Please anyone with the basest knowledge of short, chubby legs look at that picture and tell me if you would cross your legs. No, you would not. You crossing leg would be jutting out at a 90 degree angle and then people would be saying even worse things. If I was her I would sit cross-legged and roll my eyes and be like, “What have you done in your life that’s so great?”

And Robin Givhan strikes again — first there was the whole  uproar over Hillary Clinton’s cleavage and then, oh no! Michelle Obama is wearing shorts?!  In Phoenix, Arizona, in August?!  How dare she!


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