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Time flies.

Sitting in my email inbox is my second Wiggio email of the summer.

Sent at 12:00 a.m., Tuesday morning: “Reminder: Editors[[‘]] Meeting”

Yes, the missing apostrophe jumped out at me.  As did the fact that, as of today, 11 full days of summer have gone by, so fast, so…effortlessly.  Almost two weeks just slipped by as if time would never end and my summer had only begun.  So much has happened, yet it feels as if so little has been accomplished.

Two months from tomorrow is the first day of my last year in high school.

My last year in Cupertino.

My last year at home.

My last year at Monta Vista.

But really, enough of this nostalgia.  I’ll have enough of it coming at me a year from now, after all my lasts have been had and done and all I’ll have are firsts to look forward to.

Although, this is my last summer before I graduate.

I’m going to make the most of it.

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Been M.I.A. for a while.

Well, disregarding a tweet here and there and a reblog or two. 

Let’s say, good riddance to that!

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#Amanda #Bynes #retired ?!!?!?! Please tell me this is just another Twitter rumor…

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I was feeling a bit homesick today

so I put on my Bull Spirit shirt and freshman year purple P.E. shorts.

There, there, all better :)

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First day of summer: @ school redesigning @elestoque — Sara: “I think the front page [of elestoque.org] should look…amazing.” Insightful!

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What about Immigration? Arizona be hatin’
Racism in that state has gone from latent to blatant!

OMG LYRIC ADDED TO “IN THE HEIGHTS” YESTERDAY. GENIUS. (via talking-bird) (via fuckyeahintheheights)

I love musicals.

I love modern musicals.

I love modern musicals that change with the times.

I love modern musicals that change with the times to express views about the latest political atrocities.

I love ITH.

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Back from the @NCWIT Bay Area luncheon recognizing young women in tech — very inspired! Met Nita Singh of @MissCEONews — great role model!

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i’ll miss you 2010ers <3

2010, please don’t go <3

I’m going to cry at grad :(

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PSAs of the day: I am highly dangerous with a lightsaber and I suck at giving piggyback rides.

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